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Conversion Process

To use autogas as your fleet’s alternative fuel, you don’t need to buy new vehicles – simply change your fuel. Yes, some Alliance AutoGas fleet customers choose to buy new autogas vehicles, but most of our fleet customers choose to convert their existing fleet vehicles from gasoline to autogas.

Conversion Costs

FACTOIDS_Alliance AutoGas Engineered Fuel Systems meet the Environmental Protection Agency’s (EPA) most current emissions standards resulting in greatly reduced emissions compared to gasoline.

The average cost to convert a fleet vehicle to run on autogas is $5,800 depending on the make and model year of the vehicle, as well as the autogas tank configuration.

Alliance AutoGas offers two excellent financing options: one is custom designed for privately owned vehicle fleets, and the other is designed specifically for public fleets. Both financing options offer favorable terms that, in most cases, enable the fleet to offset their payment through fuel cost savings.

Vehicle Conversion Centers

The Alliance AutoGas nationwide network includes Certified Conversion Centers with certified installers who will convert and maintain your autogas vehicles.

Do you have a larger fleet with skilled in-house technicians? Our conversion experts can train your fleet mechanical team to perform conversions and maintenance for your autogas vehicles.

Alliance AutoGas Comprehensive Solution

OEM Autogas Vehicles

Most Alliance AutoGas fleets convert their existing vehicles to run on autogas, but Alliance AutoGas can also meet the needs of fleets interested in new autogas vehicles. In addition to the bi-fuel system, Alliance AutoGas offers new autogas vehicles from Original Equipment Manufacturers (OEMs) through partnerships with propane autogas equipment providers. All systems are backed by industry leading warranties covering all parts of the system.