The Maître d’ and Relationships

Kelsey BlumIn The News


By Stuart Weidie

We live in a place and time where nearly everyone has access to information in “real time.”  Smartphones, mobile devices, computers and televisions inundate our experiential world while simultaneously and incessantly blasting information at us.  The modern term for this is “noise.”  But, what about people talking to one another or even writing a hand written letter?  Is the text message or email going to replace verbal communication?  Not where relationships matter.

Speaking to one another is still the key to relationships with loved ones, friends, business associates and customers.  And today, more than ever, we as individuals crave relationships that foster trust and confidence.  Alliance Autogas has been fortunate to have had someone in David Finder who still understands what it means to be of service to others and who is unparalleled in fostering personal relationships with others.  On September 30, “Dr. Finder” retired.  He will be missed but not forgotten.

In 2010, Alliance Autogas was started with a simple idea – That a collection of dedicated companies could band together on a nationwide basis with the goal of providing propane autogas to America’s fleets.  We have succeeded but there is much progress to be made.   Having said that……Alliance Autogas would not exist without David Finder and his ability to create and maintain relationships.  Anyone who has ever dealt with David quickly realized he has a sincere desire to serve others and be helpful in any manner possible.  His desire was genuine and it showed.

David often says that while he may not have all the answers, he was the best Maître d’ in the world and he would reach out and get the answer.  No one ever had to worry about the return phone call from David.  His voice mail says, “Please leave a message and I will return your call.  YOU KNOW I WILL.”  He always did.

We have had our struggles at Alliance Autogas.  Vehicle conversion issues, dispensing station downtime, scheduling delays and on an on.  But what matters is resolving the problem and communicating with one another to ensure the customer experience is ultimately a good experience.  Trust is built by performance, resolution of problems and maintaining personal relationships.  We thank you David, for the vast contribution you have made to Alliance Autogas and the friendship you have shared with each of us.  10 4 21 50.