Social Media for Propane Marketers

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Arial Photo of AutoGas Truck, Mower, and Bulk Tank

This image was used as part of the AAG Coast-to-Coast digital campaign to educate the public on the benefits of autogas as an alternative fuel.
Photo Credit: Dravus Aviation, LLC

Businesses are continually looking for fresh new ideas for marketing their services to customers, and the autogas industry is no exception. Social media is now part of daily life for most Americans, regardless of age. An online presence through platforms such as Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and LinkedIn allows you to engage with current and prospective customers. For example, AAG posts articles to social media channels about autogas as a positive alternative fuel for school buses, so that people will grow used to the idea and will consider the option when the time comes for their district to choose new buses. Though AAG does not create conversion systems for school buses, we know that any resulting autogas gallon sales will be positive for all of our Partners and the industry as a whole.
Another important aspect of social media is that it provides a platform for prospective employees to engage with your company, and to observe your corporate culture. Companies are finding that more and more new employees are interested in becoming part of a culture and mission they believe in. One particular aspect of culture that we see appealing to younger generations, is a commitment to sustainable practices, in addition to selling a clean, American alternative fuel. By publicly showcasing how your company interacts with your employees, community and world at large, you are creating an online presence that will attract future employees likely to be a good fit.
Social media can be intimidating, so our best advice is to remember that you can’t win until you try. Pick just one of the social media platforms and begin to showcase your work. People are already talking about you online –It’s time to join the conversation.