A Complete Program

Alliance AutoGas is America’s only complete program to transition fleets to autogas at no upfront cost. What’s better than using a clean fuel to save money and reduce dependence on foreign oil? The fact that Alliance makes it easy and affordable. The Alliance AutoGas complete program includes vehicle technology, EPA-certified conversions, refueling infrastructure, data integration, fuel supply, and all the training you need to keep your fleet up and running on autogas. We’ll provide you with a single point of contact for our complete program.


Is autogas right for your fleet? Your Alliance representative will help you determine if autogas is the right fuel for your fleet by evaluating the benefits of autogas and calculating a return on investment.

Here are some fleets we currently serve:

Police & Municipal Solutions

Delivery Solutions

Taxi, Transit, and Livery Solutions


If autogas is right for your fleet, we will equip you with everything you need to transition from gasoline to autogas, including:

  • Vehicles: We convert your existing vehicles to run on clean burning, cost-effective autogas with competitive financing or the purchase of new OEM autogas vehicles.
  • Fueling: We build an autogas fueling station at your fleet base at no upfront cost and provide a guaranteed fuel supply.
  • Data Integration: We seamlessly integrate your autogas station with your fuel management system.
  • Training: We ensure your team knows how to fuel, drive and maintain autogas vehicles safely.

Ongoing support is at the core of Alliance AutoGas because we are dedicated to the success of your fleet’s autogas program. Support from Alliance AutoGas includes:

  • Ongoing safety training and technical support through our fueling network and Certified Conversion Centers nationwide
  • Three-year, 36,000 mile warranty on each vehicle conversion system (option to purchase extension)
  • Assistance with media outreach to help you take advantage of green branding opportunities