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A School District Fleet Like You

A School District Fleet Like You




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Autogas School Buses Make Sense

Autogas is an ideal fuel for school buses. As children are getting on and off the bus, the exhaust from a diesel-powered engine fills the air. According to the World Health Organization and the Environmental Protection Agency, diesel engine exhaust is a carcinogen that can cause short- and long-term health problems. Autogas is a clean burning fuel and will not expose students to harmful particulate matter found in diesel exhaust. This alternative fuel not only burns cleaner, but also is quieter and safer than diesel.

Currently, there are 12,000 autogas-powered school buses transporting 700,000 schoolchildren every day. This number continues to grow as autogas is proven to be the best value for school buses. Its affordability alone makes it a smarter alternative to conventional fuels. Add to that the many benefits provided for children, communities, and the planet, and it’s no wonder more school districts are choosing autogas every day.

Bus emissions reduced by 96 percent
No More Black Smoke
No More Black Smoke

Significant Reductions in Harmful Emissions

Lowest Total Cost-of-Ownership
Lowest Total Cost-of-Ownership

Lower Operational Costs = More Dollars for Education

Noticeably Quieter Operation
Noticeably Quieter Operation

Quieter and Safer School Buses

Environmental Impact
Environmental Impact

Clean Burning Fuel

More Savings for What Counts

When a school district switches from diesel buses to autogas technology, they’re in a better position to afford what students need most:

With school budgets continually at risk of being slashed, parents and schools need to think outside the box to find extra savings. Adopting autogas buses is one big step toward improving schools. Not only is autogas fuel consistently less expensive than diesel, the buses themselves don’t require the same expensive repairs and replacement parts that today’s modern diesel buses demand.

Volkswagen Settlement

Children Waving on School Bus

Move Forward with Autogas School Buses


The Volkswagen Environmental Mitigation Trust Fund will financially support actions that reduce Nitrogen Oxide (NOx) emissions in the United States. The amount of funds distributed will vary by state or territory, depending on the number of non-compliant Volkswagen vehicles that were registered there.

READ MORE at the Volkswagen Trust Resource Center.


States should consider including autogas school buses in their plans to utilize the Volkswagen settlement funds. School districts that have the opportunity to purchase new autogas school buses reduce the amount of harmful diesel emissions — known aggravators of asthma and other breathing issues — around their students. Depending on a school’s situation, it can significantly reduce NOx emissions with autogas school buses.

READ MORE about the unique benefits of autogas and school buses.

Success Stories

Alliance AutoGas has worked closely with school districts to make their transition to autogas easy. Schools such as Mobile County School District, Hall County Schools, and James Madison University have not only made significant reductions in emissions by using autogas as their clean, fuel alternative but they have also saved thousands on fuel costs and maintenance.

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Vehicle Systems Your Fleet May Use

The Alliance AutoGas Engineered Systems can be installed on multiple vehicle platforms, offering fleets the benefit of using clean-burning autogas on their existing vehicles. The systems are certified by the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA), ensuring they meet the most current emission standards. Our systems additionally provide the benefit of greatly reduced emissions compared to gasoline or diesel.

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