Booth and Events at 2018 Work Truck Show

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Alliance AutoGas (AAG) will be at the 2018 NTEA Work Truck Show March 6th – 9th in Indianapolis. AAG will be offering several opportunities for attendees to interact with high performance propane autogas technology, including a converted autogas vehicle at Booth #5784. AAG is also showcasing a new product – the Donaldson Clean LPG Filtration System which will be displayed at the booth. Ride and Drive participants can experience the performance of the AAG fleet F-150 truck that was converted live at the show in 2016. Alliance AutoGas and Worthington Industries are co-hosting a Wednesday afternoon cocktail reception for attendees to speak with company leaders including Ed Hoffman, President of Blossman Services, Inc; and Stuart E. Weidie, President of Alliance AutoGas and 2018 LP Gas Hall of Fame Inductee.

New Product Release – Alliance AutoGas aligned with Donaldson Filtration Systems to launch a nation-wide implementation of the Donaldson Clean LPG Filter line. After installing the Clean LPG filters, our customers are seeing dramatic reductions in fuel quality vehicle issues stemming from tank residue build-up and other environmental factors. The filtration systems are increasing fuel quality by eliminating 99% of harmful particles 0.5 micron or larger. The higher fuel quality extends the life of fuel pumps and reduces vehicle downtime, keeping your customers satisfied and consistently using fuel gallons.

Ride and Drive Vehicle – Alliance AutoGas, with a history of helping over 10,000 vehicles transition from gasoline to propane autogas, conducted a live conversion of a 2016 3.5 Liter Ford F-150 V6 at the Work Truck Show, March 2016, in a record-setting time of 1:32:25. AAG installed a complete “plug and play” conversion system including a secondary fuel tank to store the autogas, an injector spacer plate, and engine control unit. Attendees will have the opportunity to drive this same high-performing vehicle (after two successful years on the road!) at the 2018 Ride and Drive.

For more show details from AAG and online press kit, CLICK HERE.