Van Go Transportation Top User of Propane Autogas

Six transit fleets, including Alliance partner Van Go Transportation of Richmond, VA, received the 2016 award for Top User of Propane Autogas from the Propane Education & Research Council.

Alliance AutoGas Develops Propane Autogas Evacuation Pump

Alliance AutoGas developed the first Autogas Evacuation Pump which is designed to remove propane from autogas tanks when service or repairs are required.

EPA Emissions Test on Ford Transit Shows Significant Emission Reductions with Propane Autogas

In EPA emissions test, the Ford Transit showed dramatic reductions of harmful emissions while performing on autogas.

Myths about Diesel In Commercial Vehicles

Propane autogas burns clean, provides optimal power, produces fewer emissions, and lowers preventative maintenance costs compared with diesel.

New Delaware Propane Autogas Fueling Station

Alliance AutoGas partners with Sharp Energy on company’s 7th public propane autogas fueling station in the Mid-Atlantic region.

7 Top Components to an Effective and Cost Saving Autogas Conversion Project for Municipalities

7 Top Components to insure that your autogas conversion program will be effective and cost saving.

Propane Autogas RAM Promaster Featured at Government Fleet Expo

The Alliance AutoGas engineered single-plug connector, no cut or drill fuel system, installed on a RAM Promaster, will be on display at Alliance AutoGas Booth 627 at the Government Fleet Expo in Nashville June 20-23.

Alliance AutoGas Drives Fleet Alternative Fuel Use in North America

Alliance AutoGas is the first, complete, comprehensive propane autogas program with great success throughout North America. The Alliance AutoGas program continues to appeal to both national and local fleets alike.

Program at Autogas Research & Technology Center Addresses C0₂ Emissions Reduction

The Alliance AutoGas converted F-150 is concluding its 5500 mile, 12-city “ALLIANCE AUTOGAS COAST-TO-COAST CLEAN AIR RIDE” in Asheville, NC.

Alliance AutoGas F-150 Prepares for Coast-to-Coast Trip

Fresh from setting a record for the fastest recorded alternative fuel conversion to propane autogas in 1:32:25, the F-150 will embark on 5,500 mile 12-city “Alliance AutoGas Coast-to-Coast Clean Air Ride.”

How To Save Money By Switching To Autogas

Alliance AutoGas works with customers to ensure a seamless transition from gasoline to autogas.

Alliance AutoGas Converts F-150 to Propane in 1:32:25 – Fastest Recorded Alt Fuel Conversion

Alliance AutoGas conversion technicians Stephen Holland and Stacey Snyder installed Alliance’s new Engineered Conversion System on a Bi-Fuel 2016 3.5 Liter Ford F-150 V6.