What Is Autogas?

Autogas is an alternative vehicle fuel that substantially reduces harmful emissions, costs less than gasoline and is almost entirely domestically produced. Propane (C3H8), or liquefied petroleum gas, is called autogas when used as a motor fuel. With more than 18 million vehicles worldwide running on autogas, it is the most widely used alternative fuel in the world, just behind gasoline and diesel. Learn more about clean-burning, cost-effective, domestically produced autogas.

Autogas is a safe, proven alternative fuel. Thousands of school buses and taxicabs across the U.S. are already fueled by autogas. Unlike gasoline, diesel, methanol and ethanol, autogas is nontoxic, nonpoisonous and insoluble in water.

Here are the facts:

  • Autogas is a green, clean burning alternative fuel
  • Autogas is less expensive than gasoline or diesel
  • Autogas is affordable to implement
  • Autogas is intrinsically safer than many other fuels
  • Autogas is reliable
  • Over 98 percent of Autogas is made in America
  • Autogas is an alternative energy source that is ready now