Fleet Conversions

Alliance has converted thousands of vehicles to autogas. Public and private fleets are ideal candidates for conversion to propane autogas because they are often characterized by higher mileage within a fixed radius of travel.

  • Higher mileage = greater fuel cost savings
  • Centralized fleet footprint = onsite fueling

We work with many types of fleets: law enforcement; taxi, limousine, and paratransit; municipal and state governments; food and beverage distribution companies; utility companies; energy companies and many more. How are our fleet customers doing? How much are they saving?

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Successful Grant Projects

Of the $300,000,000 awarded for alternative fuel projects as part of the ARRA, many groups that made requests based on a diverse range of alternative fuels didn’t see as much success because the value equation didn’t quite line up.

One group, that made a request based on a variety of different fuel platforms requested $15 million for an overall program that would only displace 3 million gallons of gasoline. If you chart fuels that were awarded large sums, propane comes out at the top.

While Virginia Clean Cities, together with Alliance AutoGas, displaced gasoline at a ratio of nearly 2 gallons for every $1 spent, another group using various alternative fuels estimated displacement at only .25 gallons of gasoline for every $1 spent.

To learn more about the Alliance AutoGas ARRA grant project, the Southeast Propane Autogas Development Program (SPADP), click here.