Prins         Proven Technology

The Prins Vapor Sequential Injection (VSI) system is provided in the U.S. by Alliance AutoGas.  This system comes with a 3-year, 36,000 mile warranty and includes ASME-approved fuel tanks with multiple mounting options.

Used widely in Europe and Asia, the bi-fuel Prins system starts on gasoline and immediately switches to autogas. The system’s bi-fuel capacity ensures autogas vehicle drivers can switch back to gasoline if an autogas filling station cannot be reached.

  • Alliance AutoGas Certified Conversion Technicians require just 10 man-hours, on average, to convert a vehicle from gasoline to propane autogas using the Prins VSI system.
  • The Prins system is EPA-certified for a range of vehicle platforms.
  • The Prins vehicle conversion system is transferable, meaning when one of your autogas vehicles is retired, you can transfer the system to another vehicle of the same engine platform within your fleet.